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? Hang out with people that force you to go next level, not with the ones who force you to downgrade because they don’t have ambitions and goals in life you have ?

Focus on moving forward and staying positive, that way your ‘dreams’ will turn into ‘plans’. Take action because no one will do it for you or they will do it BEFORE you. Got motivational problems for your dreams a longer time now? You probably don’t have the 100% ambition to turn those dreams into plans.. Sorry to say this, but that’s just the way it is. Make it your #1 priority in life to reach your full potential every day and look how far it will take you.

My plans will include an Academy and private community for riders/parents/trainers who are willing to upgrade their own knowledge and eventually get BMX next level. Can’t tell much about it yet, but after the Worlds the plans will become reality very fast.. Will keep you guys posted. If the Federations won’t do something to get better education for the ones who are willing to learn, I will ? People will criticize, but I’m already used to the envious.. So what’s new? ?

Remember: If you’re not first, you’re last. Go get it, son ?

Pic: Remco Huvermann Photography

Robin van der Kolk BMX Academy Mindset Blog

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