Robin WK Zolder

How do YOU set goals and motivate yourself?

After I announced that I won’t be chasing World titles in Challenge anymore I got asked a lot: WHY NOT, you’re still young?!  And it’s got to do with one simple thing; I can’t motivate myself anymore to go the full 100% for riding myself.. I now prefer to push others to 100%. ?

This year was all about change for me. It was transferring from getting the best out of MYSELF, to getting the best out of OTHERS with coaching and educating. Making a positive change within BMX with the things I have in mind which I think and strongly believe are necessary to go next level. While doing that, I lost the lazer focus which is a critical point for me to get 100% out of myself because inside my head it’ll get crazy (yes I’m ‘different’)?. Reluctantly doing gym and sprint sessions made the season feel way too long and I felt RELIEVED when I crossed the finish line in 20inch Worlds Final. It was done.. ?

I’ve set goals at the end of last year but had a hard time staying motivated and felt like ❌‘giving up’❌ sometimes. But hey, I found ways to keep myself going hard every session to get on top of the box at the Worlds.

For myself, because I have many plans in my mind, I had to find some new motivation which included those other plans.

– How could my goal in BMX help the other plans come together eventually? –> Check
– What are other things I’ve done in my life where I wasn’t motivated but sticked to it and it worked out well? Graduating, –> BIG CHECK
– What is my motivation NOT to give up? –> My family came to watch the Worlds. Something that happened only once before, at the Worlds 2014 and this time my beautiful girlfriend was coming too. As I didn’t want to dissapoint them, that was one of the biggest motivators for me. So that was another big CHECK for me

When there were hard times, I thought about these a lot in my mind and it would set me back on track again. Remember, I never had these issues before, so I knew this would be the last time I would intensely try to chase a title because it will get worse with the years to follow. I’m so glad I sticked to my goals and proud to still get a W1 and W2 this year.  Will I still be riding next year? Maybe. After 3 months, I finally did a leg session again and am still feeling sore after 3 days, gotta love it ay.. Might be doing the Euros in Dessel next year and will be prepared to give it a shot for the title, but only with gym and track sessions. Not the intense training regime anymore.

What I’m trying to say: Set a goal and stick to it NO MATTER WHAT! Everybody will go through rough times but when you feel like quitting, find your motivation out of other things you’ve done in your life or want to achieve, even though they aren’t BMX-related and you’ll succeed! The only way to fail is when you give up, and you don’t want to be a quitter now, do you?!

For me, my goal right now is to get the best out of myself on a personal level and educate myself further on coaching, AND to get other BMXers to the best versions of themselves on and off the bike. Got a great group to work with who all give their 100% to grow and that’s where I get my motivation from, they give their 100% and I give mine! ?

Robin WK Zolder

Pic: @RemcoHuvermannPhotog

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