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How will you stay involved after BMX?

Do you ever think what you’re going to do after retiring from racing? After 25 years of racing, this will be my last year going for the win at the Worlds. In my mind I’m already 5 years further tho.. Some leave the racing scene in silence and start the good old 9 to 5 life and some share their knowledge by coaching, but I rather make an impact globally by taking BMX next level. It will take years and years, but I’m sure it will be worth it and pay off later on.

Why only focus on the top 8 per age category, while there are 50+ other riders in every age group in the Netherlands alone?! In my youth I wasn’t the fastest. I actually was a middle class rider at the Nationals till my 14th (2004) and was one of the shortest of my age. My first National title was after 12years of racing in 2007!

We didn’t have the financial support a lot of riders have, and the sharing of knowledge was even less than it is now. I had bike skills (more than I got atm ?) and a big mouth. Back then I already said I’m not made for the ‘normal’ life.

Fast forward 15years later I won 12 World, 9 Euro and 11 National titles.. All because of dedication to get the most out of my potential. I still remember that back in the days when I was a little rascal you had the ‘friends books’ and they asked what you wanted to become later on in life. I always wrote down: World Champion ? That first World title came after 17years of racing ?

What I want to say with this post is, is that you go through phases in life and sometimes it takes you longer than expected to reach something you’d like to reach tomorrow. My goal after ‘retiring’ is to make an impact so that people will remember me even after I quit racing for 10years and say: Dayumm, he helped to move BMX forward..

After the Worlds I will be going to set up something in the Netherlands & Belgium to raise the level of knowledge for parents/trainers and built communities to get the 50+ other riders per age group getting closer to the top 8 ?? Only trying to reach everybodies FULL POTENTIAL.

So, what will YOU do after retiring, be an internet warrior?

Pic: @RemcoHuvermann

Robin van der Kolk BMX Academy Blog Involved

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