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Often laughing about this, because as a sport we stand nowhere. BMX might be the most unprofessional sport in the Olympics. Athletes need to figure out themselves how they should train because there are NO evidence based BMX sport specific researches done, ever.

Compare it to soccer, tennis or ice skating, where you can find in detail wich motions you should train to get better and better in the sport. In BMX you see a lot of stupidity in workouts a lot of riders, even the pro’s are doing. That is only because no federation wants to put money into research and share the outcome. Why don’t federations work together in this one and benefit from it?

Also, who knows which supplements you can take safe and how to do it properly?! I get asked a LOT by fellow riders what supplements to take, because I did thorough research through professional sport dieticians and scientific based analyses and tested year after year on myself and others. No, I’m NOT a doctor and know 100% what is best, nor should you fully rely on my advice, but you can always try it out yourself and see the progress it will get you.

First, focus on your daily nutrition. When that’s all good, you can start with adding some additional supplements. Even younger riders (10-16) can take some important vitamins/minerals which stimulate bone growth, are 100% safe and could be beneficial for racing.

After the Worlds in Zolder I will start professionalising the sport, starting in Holland and Belgium. I will keep you guys up to date about the progress.
For now, focus is on trying to retain my titles ?

Pic: Remco Huvermann

Robin van der Kolk BMX Academy Blog Professional Sport

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